Direct - Responsible – Reliable

The Private Investigation Bureau of the Private Investigators Association - Detective in Heraklion, Crete, is responsible for handling any of your cases, whether personal or family, or business matter cases.

Focusing on every case we undertake with professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality, we are in constant contact with our customers from the very first moment.

Indicatively, the cases that our private detectives can study and speculate are:


Our office undertakes the search of data concerning third parties for the purpose of your complete information, whether personal or professional. In any case, we inform you with absolute honesty about the ability to retrieve data.


We are able to collect evidence on every case you are concerned with in order to obtain a clear and complete picture based on true facts, without any alteration or distortion.


Identifying a person's data (e.g. address) is often necessary, especially if there are legal, economic or personal reasons.


We take responsibility and credibility to provide effective solutions to any family case that requires investigation, such as finding legal or classified information or even locating missing people.


Choosing the person with whom we will spend the rest of our lives is not an easy task. Our office offers you the opportunity to investigate a number of issues related to the person you are interested in, such as; marital infidelity research, history check, pre-marital verification, conversation control.


Unfortunately, the drug plague concerns more and more teenagers in today's age. There are many indications that the teenager can experience problems such as; aggressive behaviors, poor performance in lessons, bizarre company are just some of them. Our specialists address the issue with sensitivity, attention and responsibility, looking after to choose the safest solution for the whole family.


Our office specializes in private research on business sector by providing you with valuable information for the maximum security of your company in this difficult time. We are able to provide reliable information, with absolute professionalism and accountability, offering valuable solutions to your company. We take cases such as employee history control, affiliate action reviews, debtor inquiries, debt retrieve, gain insight about a leak on business information and phone call control.


Our experience in the business sector guarantees the protection of your company from various threats such as employee leaks and other corporate risks. In addition, we are in a position to handle cases involving competitors or insurance companies.